Outshot. Outplayed. Two Points.

by Ryan

That picture pretty much says it all.

Ryan Miller gave us the kind of performance we want to see, and stole a game on the Island last night.

Now while I am certianly not happy about the team’s performance as a whole, I am glad to see Ryan stand on his head for once. Looking back, it’s hard to distincly remember the games he’s outright stolen for us. A goaltender’s ability to keep a team in a tough game is absolutely invaluable, and when the Sabres are as streaky in overall play as they have been it is almost necessary.

As usual, Miro Satan was a shadow of his former self.

Overhead shots are fun.

Goose didn’t score tonight, but Max got another goal. I’m sure that made at least eleven more people want to trade him.

Also, Adam Mair absolutely handled Tim Jackman in a fight. Good to see one of our real tough guys defend a teammate.

At home, Chris Simon bit his couch in half.