On the EDGE of the Holidays

by Ryan

Today is Boxing Day.


Anyways, tonight the Sabres look to stay hot against Ottawa. No matter how you look at it, this will be a tough game. I’m very, very close to feeling okay with this team as far as consistency and effort is concerned, but you never know how they will play day after Christmas. Hopefully they take care of business so we can start gearing up for New Year’s Day. I hear they have something special going on then.

There are a lot of articles about the Winter Classic coming out, but this one was pretty interesting.

According to Williams, the Reebok Edge II jersey will make it’s debut Jan. 1.

“The Edge I jersey that came out this season was the one with the play-dry impregnated on the front with real tight sleeves,” he said. “Since then, because the players complained so much about the sweaters, they have developed the Edge II they call it. The jerseys do not have the play-dry in the front; it is more of an air-knit material like it used to be. There are also bigger sleeves.”

That’s not something that has been widely reported as far as I know. Lots of teams have been complaining about moisture problems with the new EDGE uniforms, some have even gone as far as killing the system and going back to last year’s fabrics.

I’m not sure what that will mean for measures like this (I would assume they would ask the Caps to try again), but it is good to see RBK actually listen to the players when they tell them their product is complete garbage.