Mistletoe for All

by Ryan

I almost wanted to go to the game tonight. Seeing Marty, Danny, and all those new Flyers would have been some fun.

Then I realized it was a gold game, and I’m freaking broke. Then I saw this.

I’m as big a fan of Christmas as anyone, but I’m just not going to dress like a festive fool for a Sabres game. I’m sure they would just love to see me wearing this with two of these on my feet, but it just isn’t happening.

The whole game seems like it will be a big deal to some, but I have mixed feelings on the whole “Back to Buffalo” tour. Sure, hearing Marty on the radio again was fun, but I’ve really tried to focus on this season and this season’s players. I’ve made the effort to forget about this summer’s free agency dealings and just focus on the team we have at hand. That includes forgetting the salary numbers behind Danny as well as big signings like Vanek and Roy.

So yeah, seeing Danny and Marty back on the ice at HSBC will be interesting and even a little strange, but I don’t think I would be booing or cheering or in tears. The fact of the matter is that our managment made the moves that put these players where they are. They didn’t pick us, we didn’t pick them, and money is money.

It may be a pansy nihilist perspective, but it’s the truth. Darcy wanted to give Marty a shot as a starting goaltender, and blackballed Danny to take a crack at Drury without officially throwing Briere under the bus. It wasn’t my decision, but it was the gameplan that Darcy and Friends went with.

Whether I am okay with that or not, it’s what happened. What we have to live with is the repurcussions of those moves and simply focus on the team we have. If that includes giving a cheer to an opposing player when their name is called with the starting lineups, so be it.

But please, nothing more than that.