I Wish I Could Write Like This…

“It all started long ago in a far away place called Hollywood where two birds, Sam the Eagle and Betty Bird, met and fell in love.”

Oh boy do I love mascot stories. They really do warm the heart.

Everyone knows the Capitals are pretty bad. They are tied for the fewest points in the league, and I would say they were in last if not for the sick jerseys they sport. (Again, we’ve covered this before)

Still, Ovechkin has more goals than all but three of our players have points. I’d say he’s pretty dangerous. We should keep an eye on him or something.

Now that we’ve gone over game notes, let’s get to the important thing: mascots. This is the story of the Caps’ mascot Slapshot. It’s pretty terrific stuff. I laughed, I cried, I rummaged through some luggage for giant bird eggs. Just all around good times.

Still, you can’t deny how sweet the older version of their mascot was.

Look at that thing. It’s so hardcore it has freaking talons coming through his sneakers. Classic.

Sabres @ Caps tonight.

If there was ever a time to get on a hot streak, it’s now.

Do it.