Flavor of the Month: Veinbow Sweatbet (with a touch of Ginger)

By Chris

Captain December has been named, and now we REALLY know Lindy Ruff doesn’t check in on message boards or the blogosphere.

Brian Campbell is our captain, oh captain. This should drive up his asking price if he and the Sabres go back to the negotiating table. Unless he crashes and burns under the pressure. No pressure, Brian. Don’t sweat it. Seriously.

Hecht and Spacek were named alternates. Hecht has worn a letter all season (the C in October and an A in November). I think we all know who the real leader of this team is. Stop passing it around and leave it with Flavor of the Year, Jamochen Hecht.

We’ve seen this team be both very very good and very very bad. December, I believe, is the time when we’ll see the true colors of this team. They’ve played through adversity and they’ve played through a stretch of really good hockey. Everyone is getting healthy so we should see the true 07-08 Sabres soon. We hope…