Farewell, Console Television

by Ryan

Hey buddy, I need to talk to you. I’d tell you to sit down, but you’re kinda already doing that. Just uh… just turn the volume down a bit, okay?

We need to talk about us, man. We’ve had a lot of good times together. Super Bowls and Cup Finals, even a good movie or two. But things are… a bit fuzzy between us. Sometimes your sound goes out, and a few times I’ve just lost touch with you altogether.

Sure, you’ve been like a father to me because, well, you’re older than I am. I really appreciate all the things we’ve been through, and all the things you taught me. I won’t forget anything, really, but… well… tomorrow I’m having a new friend come over.

No, no, not Peyton. He’s way too annoying to bring in here. I mean the TV: 46′ LCD. It’s a Sony. I know, I know, I’m cheating out of brand, but times have changed. It’s acceptable now. Things are so much clearer between the us, too.

Now I know this may be sudden, but I hope you don’t take this too hard. It’s not you, it’s your output. SD is old school, and in a way that’s really cool. But I hear it’s going to be out of style for a long time come 2009. I just can’t take the risk of you not being around for me.

Besides, we’ll always have the basement. Every once in a while I’ll come down and we can hang out just like old times. Maybe I’ll even play some old school NHL 98 with you, just to keep that good thing we have going alive.

Until then, you’re just going to have to live with the fact that you’ve slipped a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll still remember you. But after a while, it may get a bit fuzzy between us. Hey, you started it, buddy…

One Comment

  1. JoBeth

    unfortunately, the amount of time satan manning will spend on that screen is still sickeningly high…i don’t think he has a pep talk for barfing when you see his face.

    (yeah, i still read this from time to time…freaked out much?)