Costas, Duff, and Sherpas

by Ryan

We haven’t posted much post-snow game, but some interesting Sabres news has crept up on us.

The D has been getting a bit healthier, and with Dimitri Kalinin ready to come back tonight against the Islanders, our favorite Ostrich has been sent back down to Rochester. Finally, our long national nightmare has ended.

The Winter Classic has been sneaking up on us, and it was announced that Bob Costas will hosting on January 1st. Awesome. If he’s anything like he is on “Football Night in America”, I’ll want to ram my head through a wall. With joy, I’m sure.

Anyone who needs a last minute Christmas gift may want to consider looking here for some sweet Ice Bowl stuff. If you think that throwback Goose jersey isn’t going to get bought at some point you just don’t know me. Also, I would reccomend getting the hat shown below for anyone who has the guts to wear it.

Paul Gaustad approves of its name as well.

As far as tonight’s game, well… it’s the Isles again. Let’s go through a short list of what we know about Long Island’s finest:

– DP is solid.
– Mike Comrie is a nancyboy.
– Miro Satan will score when given a perfect pass on a 5-3 power play but can’t finish when on the doorstep in the dying seconds of a playoff game.
– That old guy who has their C is still pretty decent.

Yep, nothing new there. Hopefully the Sabres don’t let this one slip into the “letdown game” category after a solid stretch of games over the weekend. I would hope that they get the job done against the basement of the Atlantic. Let’s be honest, we need the points pretty bad.

Also, is it just me or should Nassau play Hilary Duff music at every chance possible?

If I ran the gameday music for HSBC I would play Duff nonstop during Isles games. The guy isn’t deaf, you know…