Christmas Shopping with Joe Benanati

by Ryan

Joe Benanati: My my, isn’t that a fantastic looking dasher-board display over there, son?

Junior Benanati: Uh… you mean that wall?

No partner, I mean the cornucopia of excitement placed upon the dasher board manifestation.

Junior: It’s just some extension cables, Dad.

Joe: Aaaah yes, the manpower filament! What an exciting purchase to ponder. Any thoughts on our recent struggles to maintain conduits?

Junior: Um… yeah, we could use a few more. We bought a lot of Christmas lights this year.

Joe: (Deep monotone) Scooore! (Pause) Junior Benanati.

Andy Brickley: Smarht decision there. No time wasted. Takin’ the lowah prices and gettin the job done.

Junior: Mr. Brickley?!? Where’ you come from?!?

Andy: Just stayin’ on topa things, Juniah.

Joe: Indeed, partner.

Junior: Whatever. Can we go, Dad?

Joe: Drop your ponies, pal. It is indicative we investigate the steam room furnishings heretofore.

Junior: Fine. Bed and Bath is this way. (under breath) That’s the last time we get him a thesaurus for his birthday…

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  1. GCFB

    Very funny. I highly enjoyed this one.