A View From the Roost: Islanders 12/13

by Ryan

5-3 Final.

We didn’t put the sign up tonight. I actually forgot it, but you can consider it a Cold War stare down towards Section 309, who apparently had their crappy sign up last game. They were a no show tonight.

Aaaaanyways, some thoughts on the game.

– Monday: 45 shots, 1 goal. Tonight: 41 shots, 5 goals. Seems a bit more realistic, huh?

– It was nice to see Pratt get his first goal. He’s been playing really well recently, and is making me more and more excited about sending Balls Sekera down. C’mon Hank, let’s end the Andrejes reign of terror already.

– Were they double-shifting Timmy tonight? Yahoo’s box score only says he had about 24 minutes of ice time, but it really seemed like he was out there every other shift. I don’t know if Lindy thinks he’s Joe Thornton, but I didn’t mind his game at all tonight. If he can handle the workload, by all means.

– One of the things I love about Connolly is his unlimited amount of “almost moves.” He has become such a good passer and stick handler that he is willing to try anything that pops into his head. Tonight he did some sort of behind the back move that actually put the puck through the defender. He couldn’t get around him, but the crowd went nuts for him almost doing it, which I really can’t blame them for. If Timmy ever makes one of those work, or actually gets a few more shots on, look out.

– Goose is a beast. Then again, you know already know this. He drew a penalty, then set up the first goal that nullified it. I guess if you think about it he killed his own buzz, but he played another good game. (Lindy, I’m begging you, throw him a cracker. One shaped like a letter…)

– Penalties were crappy again. The referees have been so uneven on calls this year I’m surprised teams know what to do anymore. Goose trips a guy in plain view, then Lydman gets a call for leaning on a guy behind the net. I wasn’t aware it was possible for a makeup call on a makeup call, but I’m pretty sure it happened tonight.

I really am not complaining because penalties were called against the Sabres. I’m capable enough as a fan to accept when someone on my team does wrong. But you can’t tell me officiating has been consistent in any way. From game to game, heck, period to period, the way the game is called is different. When Lydman starts holding a guy to break up a two one one, it’s a penalty. But when he starts holding him at the blue line, and the penalty isn’t called until he almost runs him into the post after the play stops? Seriously?

The “Classic Sabres” game they showed before the warmups was from 1990. In it both goaltenders got run, Foligno was hooked all the way through the neutral zone, and interference was everywhere. No penalties. If that’s the form the NHL wants the game to slip back into then fine. But call it that way game in and game out. I won’t complain about it if it’s consistent, even if it is choppy.

– Trent Hunter sucks.

Overall the team played pretty “meh”. Defense was pretty lax once again, and I’m beginning to consider changing Sekera’s nickname from “Balls” to “Blind Backpass”. He seems partial to it. The offensive effort was there again, and without a few great saves by DP this game is a blowout. The same can be said for Miller, who stoned Comrie early, grabbed Duff’s number, and called him a nancyboy, all in the same save.

Still, it’s what I said I wanted. A win is a win. Taking two points from a team we should beat, I guess that’s all that matters.

Hopefully they do it again on Friday, because the Caps are just as mediocre.