7-6 and Looking Towards Cleveland

by Ryan

If you wanted a summary of the game, it’s best you get it in pictures:



The Return of Beast Mode

1-2 Punch


“I coulda done that…”

We are the first team listed as “In the Hunt” with the MSM. Next Sunday is officially the new biggest game of the year.

Whether you think we have a shot or not, this thing is far from over.

One Comment

  1. Dave

    It’s about time that Freddie has been involved in the offense. He destroyed teams in preseason, and now showed that he can do it in the real show.

    We do have that one-two punch we need, no more A(ss)-Train, we have Beast and FFJ.

    And how effortless was that toss to Evans, Trent took like a step and bombed in perfectly, Lose-man woulda wound up like a sixth grader and over threw him… who was it anyways that said number 5 can’t throw deep anyways?

    No one rounds the bandwagons like the Bills.