1. dave in Rocha

    Don’t hate Time Warner. Hate the asshat owners. They talk about how they want TW and Comcast to “give viewers access to the NFL” by putting the NFLN on basic cable. Yet when it comes to the Sunday Ticket, they prohibit access to it by placing it only on DirecTV. It’s total hypocrisy.

  2. RJ

    Oh, I agree. It’s both sides of the table that are screwing with us.

    I find it interesting that NHL Network continues to up it’s viewer markets while NFL network keeps it’s programing for ransom.

    I happen to have cable, so the rage was saved for Time Warner (having it with Adelphia and subsequently yanked it when TW took over). However, I get just as upset with the owners when I get emails saying I should petition my cable company.

    I’ll be honest, the whole thing just sucks.