Tight as a Mouse’s Ear

by Ryan

3-2 Final. You can guess which way it went.

I have a serious problem with Derek Roy. I know he’s adorable, but that tripping penalty in front with 3:08 to play is the stupidest, most selfish penalty I have seen in some time. I didn’t believe he had that level of stupidity in him until I saw the replay.

It was pure retaliation, right in front of the ref, and at the worst time imaginable. I mean, THE PUCK WAS LYING IN FRONT. Your team is on the doorstep, and you decide to get back at a player who jobs you in front? Screw that, Derek. Your only job is to find that puck and put it in. Ridiculous plays like that have no place on a struggling team, and if your biggest priority is payback I’d rather you earn your paycheck in the press box.

Now, I know that I am overreacting a bit, but I’m sick of seeing things like this. Roy’s trip showcases a complete lack of discipline on his part, something that no reporter felt the need to address during the post game. Instead, he talked about how close they were, mentioning many times they “outplayed” Ottawa.

Bulls#*t. Scoreboard, Derek. When you are four games under .500, it doesn’t matter how many teams you “outplay.” You know what, it never does. Win the games that are in front of you. When you get two points, it no longer matters who outplayed whom. Quit your whining, man up, and win some games.

Yeah, he scored tonight. It was a good goal; but to me it’s not about how strong a game he played. That penalty ended this game, plain and simple. I know you aren’t supposed to micromanage single events in a game, but a power play for Ottawa at 3:08 of the third ends every bit of momentum the Sabres had. It’s not just a bonehead penalty, it’s a game-killer.

There is much more to say about this game, but much like Derek I’m focused on just one player tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be different for both of us.