This Conversation Happened

by Ryan

06-07: Better Days
Act Two, Scene Four: Boston 11/7

(Just after Marc Savard scores for the 3,000th time against the Sabres)

Gamber: This is what happens when you don’t go out and sign Joe Torre.
Me: (Sarcastically) Yeah, gotta make a free agency splash.



(Campbell sends a lead pass to no one. Bobby Orr gently weeps.)


Me: Wait. That’s brilliant!

Gamber: What?

Me: To sign Torre. That’s brilliant.

Gamber: Why?

Me: Because Bowa and Mattingly would come with him.

Gamber: So?

Me: Don Mattingly. He’s Chris Drury’s favorite athlete of all time.

Gamber: …and?

Me: How could Drury pass up the chance to play for his boyhood idol? He would have to force a trade back!

(Sekera is in a giving mood. Turnover)

Gamber: Uh… okay.

Guy Behind Me: Does that sign say “Max Boobs“?


Yes, both of us were completely sober at the time. It just goes to show you what happens when the product on the ice is less entertaining than the hypothetical time warp scenarios in the crowd.

If not for that Max Boobs sign, we may have made a run at A-Rod.