Take That, Roenick

by Ryan

Okay, so ESPN.com doesn’t have the best of hockey coverage. I know I haven’t been the biggest of fans, but when they put a Sabre atop one of their lists, you claim victory and cherish it forever.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I would put him first on the list of greatest American-born hockey players. I usually don’t make my decisions based on “if/then” statements (If he wasn’t hurt, then…). Also, that fear of Jeremy Roenick ripping my face off for questioning his greatness looms large.

Still, Pat LaFontaine was the first Sabre that made me fall in love with hockey. To this day I remember his last game with the Sabres, listening on the radio and trying to picture just how bad that hit was. He would play with the Rangers for another season, but I never forgot how good he was with Buffalo, even plagued with PCS.

To celebrate the occasion, I present you with the obligatory YouTube video of Pat doing his thing. I decided against his Top 10 Goals after I found one of the coolest moments in Sabres history.

Still gets to me every time.


  1. Heather B.

    Ryan, thanks for posting that video. It was before my time in Buffalo and while I’ve seen the bit at the end where Patty taps in the puck, I’d never seen all the stuff before that with the other players. Extremely awesome!

  2. RJ

    @heather b.

    Whoever put that on YouTube has all seven parts to it. Check them out, it’s something else.

    I remember my parents dragging me out of bed to watch then take down the banners and everything. I still get dusty when that last goal horn goes off…