Stafford to Melt Faces, but Not Tonight

by Ryan

For anyone who missed the big news because of Thanksgiving, Drew Stafford won’t play against Montreal tonight.

I know this isn’t good news, but is anyone worried he won’t be able to play with the BPO? Stafford and Ryan Miller are scheduled to perform with Ronan Tynan and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on December 30th.

Now I know that does seem like a long time from now, but I want nothing to jeopardize my chance to see Stafford play. Unless he plays the oboe or some other woodwind I wasn’t aware of, he will be melting faces with a guitar that night. From what I’ve seen of his past projects, this one will be sweet.

I hope the after party doesn’t get too crazy; the Ice Bowl is two days after that and I hear Ronan likes his whiskey strong.

One Comment

  1. Katebits

    As a member of the BPO I would like to make a one thing clear:

    We regularly melt faces at the BPO. Yes, Stafford and Miller will certainly provide additional face melting powers, but still, it’s not like we can’t melt your face without them. 😀 That said, I am SO looking forward to the combined forces of Ronan Tynan, the BPO, and the GENIUS of Mr. Drew Stafford (Yes, that’s him singing. I think.) If Staffy doesn’t play this song, I’m going to cry.