Quarterback(s) of the Future

By Jon

For the first time since Jim Kelly retired, two Bills quarterbacks are positively contributing to the success of the franchise.

I’m not talking about Trent or JP. I’m talking about Jack Kemp and, well, Jim Kelly.

From WIVB-TV (and discovered in this BfloBlog thread), Kelly says that he and Kemp have a deep-pocketed team of potential owners ready to buy the team and keep them in Western New York.

Kemp and Kelly may be our only hope at keeping the team. As two of the all-time greats to put on the Bills uni, they may be able to get through to the ever-aging Ralph and finally convince him that taking his ownership to the grave will inevitably doom the franchise. Plus, Kemp was a noted politician, and it most definitely wouldn’t hurt to have a man with political ties on our side.

Speaking of a new stadium, Kelly has ideas about that, too.

On the surface, the idea sounds kind of like a no-brainer. The Ralph is outdated, and we all know that plans for the waterfront are a constant question mark. 70,000+ descending on Downtown Buffalo eight Sundays a year can’t be a bad thing, can it? Restaurants and bars would be packed, and the atmosphere around Buffalo would be incredible. Can you imagine the Chippewa strip after a Bills win earlier in the day?

There is a downside, however. The Ralph may be old, but it isn’t in disrepair. As stated in the WIVB article, a football stadium wouldn’t create a large amount of jobs and would certainly take up a lot of space. Parking would also be an issue, and I haven’t even begin to talk about the astronomical amount of taxpayer support it would take to finance such a project. But hey, we can dream, can’t we?

It’s nice to see that Kelly and Kemp have taken it upon themselves to try to prevent a move. They recognize how important this football team is this community. Your move, Ralph.

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