Ice Bowl Shenanigans

By Chris

Obstructed view seats went on sale today. Well, not really on sale. Your name goes into a raffle and then, if you’re lucky enough, you get the tickets. And even then there are certain restrictions.

“The excitement for this event continues to build and I’m pleased to announce the Sabres were able to acquire 4,500 additional obstructed-view seats for our fans from the NHL for the Winter Classic,” said Quinn. “At the same time, we wanted to make these tickets available to as many families and children who wanted to attend as possible. Making the tickets available on-line was the safest way to ensure this process was fair and equal to all of our fans.”

Fans can register for the opportunity to purchase between two and four tickets, however, one person in the group must be 16 years of age or younger. No single seats will be sold. The ticket for the child will be clearly marked so no one over 16 will be granted admission with that ticket. In addition to these 4,500 tickets, 500 tickets will be donated to local charities associated with children.

I’m a little bitter because I was shut out on tickets with my mini-pack. Most of the blame goes to the NHL. They’re the ones organizing the event and gave the Sabres only a certain amount of tickets to distribute. The Sabres dropped the ball on communication. The order forms mailed out were uninformative and left a lot of questions unanswered.

If the league ever decides to do this again, maybe next time they’ll have everything prepared. Then again, this is the NHL we’re talking about.