Back in Washington Not the State

by Ryan

Tonight the Sabres travel to Washington to play the Caps at the MCI Center Verizon Center. It will be the first time Buffalo has played in the Phone Booth since clinching the President’s Trophy last April. You all remember that game, don’t you? Timmy came back, Briere speared a guy, good times all around.

The Sabres are coming off a four game winning streak against two of the hottest teams in the league.(well, they were hot before we got to them) The Capitals just fired their coach and have won two straight. Hilarity shall ensue.

At this time I usually express my displeasure for Alex Ovechkin and his prissy demeanor and lack of proper shirts. (see below)

However, my anger towards today’s opponent comes directly from their new rookie with bad hair, Nicklas Backstrom.

I don’t care how sweet those jerseys look, Nick, I drafted you with high hopes and you did nothing for me. I held on to you with the faith that your inner Mats Sundin would come out and maybe I could keep you on as a fourth center, but you kept on sucking for me, and my team sank into the toilet.

So the moment I drop you, your team drops your coach and you post a three point night on your birthday, capped off by an overtime game winner. Happy Freaking Birthday, man, I hope you are allergic to whipped frosting.

If you as much as touch the puck tonight I’m going to convulse like a Spanish American War soldier with yellow fever. My fantasy team is slowly creeping into playoff contention, and if you actually produce some points I may be temped to pick you up again. I feel like it would be best for the both of us if you just continue to suck.

Slugs vs. Evil “W” Birds
7:00pm Versus

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  1. Soup

    I just saw the “evil w bird” reference.

    needless to say, I’m not amused.

    Whatever. At least I don’t delete blogs.