The Hand of Ralph

By Chris

On the homefront, ESPN is reporting that Dick Jaruon is going to name Trent Edwards the starting quarterback for McGahee Bowl I on Sunday.

While it’s not fair to Losman to take his job away because he was hurt, everyone has to remember that the NFL is not about fairness. It’s about taking advantage of your every opportunity. So far this season, Edwards has taken the bull by the horns and has made the offense watchable.

And the kid can only get better, right? Right?

Now there’s no way this was all Jauron’s decision. Or even all Marv. This order came straight from the top.

Ralph Wilson has always liked Trent Edwards. He found his way into the locker room after the Jets’ game (Edwards’ first win) and made himself available to the media, gushing over the kid.

Yeah, he said that the “quarterback controversy” would be left in the hands of the coaching staff. But if you believe that, then you’re the person who still hopes for a quarter under your pillow the morning after you lose a tooth. It’s Ralph’s money and his pen stroke that signs the checks.

Do you really think he wants to pay Losman a big money contract to keep him in Buffalo when his contract expires after next season? Me neither.

Ralph will go the cheap route and hedge his bets with the young guy he fancies that isn’t due for a big contract for another couple years.

Personally, I want to see as much of Edwards as possible. I could care less about Losman, really. Let the kid develop and show us what he’s capable of. Losman’s development was hindered by Kelly Holcomb and Mike “Ralph Bucky” Mularkey’s mismanagement of the whole situation.

Let’s do this one right.