Sweet Sassy Molassy

by Ryan

It feels good to steal from the Leafs.

No, we didn’t nab a winger from their farm team, and the exchange rate is at par, but reports are swirling that Harry Neale will do color for the Sabres this year.

Buffalo hockey fans would recognize his voice anywhere, as he is a staple on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. Neale and Bob Cole are the first pair I think about when Saturday night hockey comes to mind, and I am thrilled if the reports are true.

We really have been spoiled in regards to announcers. Starting with Ted Darling, there has always been a distinct voice attached to a Sabres game. Rick Jeanneret’s antics are the present day incarnation, and having a legend like Neale alongside will only make for a better show.

Rick and Jim were always considered one of the best regional broadcast teams in the league. Now it seems hard to argue we don’t have the best.

In a related story, Matthew Barnaby is unemployed.