Surprisingly, Andrew Peters is Smarter Than You

by Ryan

So I’ve been dying for some hockey news since Saturday night, and since Lindy has been mum on captancy and signing a new defenseman, all I’ve gotten was this. Okay, that’s interesting, I enjoy the word “constitution.”

So as I skim and a few Ted Saskin jokes come to mind, I stop dead at this:

Lindros, Craig Adams (Carolina Hurricanes), Andrew Peters (Buffalo Sabres) and Matt Stajan (Toronto Maple Leafs) were appointed to the review process in June and have since headed the process with lawyer Paul Cavalluzzo and NHLPA staff.

Wait, Petey? Really? I mean… I know he’s our union rep, but he’s leading the way in reshaping the NHLPA constitution?

I understand the selection, but it’s kind of hard to get used to the idea of Petey at a table in a suit reading through line after line of paperwork next to Eric Lindros. In fact, that image may haunt me forever. No wonder Eric hasn’t signed with anybody yet, he has his hands full with sounding out the big words for Andrew.

Actually, maybe Petey helping overhaul the Players Association is a good idea after all. Andrew will serve the best interests of the lower level players in the league, the guys with entry level salary and who will depend on the PA later on in their careers. Who knows? Maybe the Union will come out in much better shape and Petey will forever leave his mark on the league, something that will be almost impossible for him to do on the ice.

Unless, you know, you count Andro use.