1. Joe

    Losman threw that pass into double coverage that was too short, and one of the Jets defenders had his hands on the ball. Lee Evans was able to rip it out and stay on his feet for the score.

    That touchdown was all due to Evans Athleticism. Losman’s pass was really not that good, and really a lucky decision. The only thing he offers the team is a gunslinger who can sometimes pull off a play like this.

    Edwards is still the man of the future. Let him take his lumps and develop.

  2. Jay

    Losman before that though, threw a perfect pass to Roscoe in the teeth of pressure (and got drilled for his efforts) that Parrish should have hauled in.

    If Edwards is healthy, he should go back in as they’ve decided he is the starter, but it pains me that they don’t call any downfield passes from him with the weapons he has, and then boom Losman comes in and they’re throwing it all over the field.

    I like the result, but I can’t say the process makes much sense. If they’re playing someone with a semblance of an offensive attack, they lose that game because of coaching scared.