Maybe Those Hooligans Are On To Something…

by Ryan

So I watched the Dolphins-Giants game this weekend because, well, I’m a glutton for punishment. Not only was it one of the worst games on the schedule, but I had to listen to Tony Siragusa try to be funny and British. Not good times.

One of the things I did notice is what the Wembley crowd reacted to the game a lot differently then most NFL fans do. Since there wasn’t much scoring, the loudest cheers came when there was any semblance of a scuffle after a whistle. Anytime a block continued after the play ended, any kind of hands to the face, any scramble for a ball, real or otherwise got a huge roar from the crowd. With the frustrating performance of the Dolphins this year, they got plenty of it.

It was very apparent that they love the violence of the game, and anyone who has seen rugby can understand why the English are attracted to America’s game.

The other thing that actually surprised me was that they booed at the game’s close when the Giants knelt down. They had the win in hand, and did what any smart team does when the opponent is out of timeouts. Any Giants fan applauds the move and is thankful they escaped with a win against the disgustingly bad Dolphins.

Not Giants fans at Wembely. They booed. Well, everyone booed. They wanted the Giants to go for the kill, and it kind of surprised me.

Now, I understand they want to get their money’s worth, but you really can’t expect Eli to let it rip with a three point lead late. It could be that the crowd didn’t understand the logic of taking a knee, or maybe they’ve never opened the “Clock” package in Madden. Still, it was an interesting gesture from a bipartisan crowd, and something that made me wonder.

So here’s the question: Would they cheer on the Patriots?

I think so. There are so many people here that will take offense to what the Patiots are doing. At this point, it’s obvious they are running up the score and could care less what people think. But after watching the English crowd react to Eli killing clock, maybe that’s what teams should be doing.

Here’s my take on it. When teams take their foot off the gas and change out players, in most cases it is because there is enough of a lead that a team can protect it’s players from injury. Yeah, the play calling can get more relaxed, but even the toughest of running backs can get injured on a dive play.

So the Pats don’t take the foot off the pedal. Obviously they have things other than injuries on their mind. (most likely embarrassment) The answer is to make them pay for it.

I’m not talking about destroying someones career, but a cheap shot here and there isn’t going to be too big of a deal. Hey, even the Pats don’t mind rolling up on some legs, so why not return the favor? If Dreamboat Brady is going to fake spiking at the end of the half, why not pop him once or twice for it? What’s a 15 yard penalty assessed on the kickoff?

Why are you just letting them run you over? Do something about it. Cause a scuffle. Take offense to it and fight back. Don’t break into the gun closet, but the least you can do is take a few blocks below the knee. Heck, just lay out their punter to send a message, they don’t need him for much anyways.

I’m not condoning it, I’m just trying to throw some examples out there. Because complaining about it isn’t going to do it anymore. If you want to take the ESPN route and give them the trophy now, then fine. I hope you enjoy a world where the Super Bowl is won in October.

Maybe it’s morbid, but cracking some skulls may be the only thing that will save this mediocre season from a predictable ending. After the “Game of the Year” this weekend it’s all downhill from here.