Islander Week

by Ryan

We are four days away from Sabres Hockey. This… is exciting to say the least.

To celebrate this glorious occasion, this week will be Islanders Week in the Goose’s Roost. The Sabres start with a home and home against the boys from Long Island, and so we will be covering not only the Sabres and our hopes this season, but reasons to get pumped up about the opener against the Isles.

Sure, the NHL could have given us a home and home against Ottawa or the Rangers, but why not the Isles? We hate them!

Well… no, no we don’t. But that’s why we’re here. So let’s get this started.

Or as Rich said: “The Islanders are a team named after Long Island. It’s easier when the jokes write themselves.”

The first person I think of when the Islanders come up is Miroslav Satan. The former Sabre bolted to the Island following the Lockout, and has been wallowing in mediocrity ever since. This is delightful, yes, but also a reminder of what can happen when big contracts go to big egos. Satan was an important factor in so many of our playoff runs, but his legacy will lay in his self representation and subsequent flight.

Of course, that means we have every right to make fun of him. Sure, everyone in HSBC Arena will boo him at every touch of hte puck, but why stop there? Let me remind you of Miro’s career of being awkward and standoffish.

Nah, you know what? Let’s just burn your corneas out.

If you didn’t hate them before, the chest hair always brings out the pitchforks…