Islander Week: Rick DiPietro

by Ryan

All week we’ve been telling you why the Islanders are a good team to play against in the home opener. On the eve of the that event, I present you with the biggest reason: their goaltender.

Rick DiPietro signed a 15 year contract last off season. Everyone thought GM Garth Snow is crazy. It has spawned millions of jokes and the ire of hockey analysts everywhere.

Regardless of all that, DP is a very good goaltender, and that excites me about tomorrow. I want to see how we do against a healthy Rick DiPietro. Last year’s playoffs he was still shaking off his concussion and still played extremely well. He is a top level goaltender in the NHL, regardless of his fantasy value.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about DP. He’s impressed me since coming into the league, Isles fans love him, and I think his “rivalry” with Miller is good for USA Hockey. Plus, any goalie who can fight like this deserves a tip of the cap.

What I want to see this weekend is if Roy and Vanek will live up to the hype against a quality goaltender. I want to see how these lines adjust, how Max and Stafford will respond to big saves. Home openers are always emotional, but a hot goaltender can take that emotional edge away fast. How we bounce back from DP’s play will tell a lot about the squad we have, and just what to expect when adversity hits.

So hats off to you, Mr. DiPietro. But remember, we have a world class goaltender on our end. You better step it up.

Hey, anyone remember this save?