If I could have a minute of your time….

I will give my left pinky if I never have to watch Brian Campbell talk about how much he sweats , that damn talking fish, or see a varicose vein again.

If you figure that MSG shows the fish commercial twice a game (I think it’s more), and that it has been shown during 70ish games, I have been subjected to it at least 140 times. For a single commercial.

Is there a person in Buffalo that doesn’t know all of these commercials by heart? Did anyone even know what varicose veins were before watching Sabres hockey the last two years? I sure as hell didn’t.

That is all. More after the game.


  1. Heather B.

    The only time I ever see the veins commerical is during the Sabres’ games. Are hockey fans particularly vein-y or what?

    As for the fish, I was tired of last year. Somebody just gut that thing already.

  2. Jonathan Grant Keller

    No sign last night?

  3. RJ

    @jonathan grant keller

    I only have a minipack. 10 games. Next game will be November 7th. Boston.

    Trust me, if the Sabres would have offered season tickets to minipack holders, it would be there every game.

    I would also be completely broke.

  4. Anonymous

    wait…when do they ever talk about veins? Don’t they concentrate on sweat?

    oh, and sweetheart, you are completely broke.