Gee, Thanks Time Warner!

By Chris

Don’t adjust your television sets, Buffalo. We’re going to be getting a lot more hockey.

How much more? Try 24 hours worth. That’s because Time Warner is adding the NHL Network to its digital line up.

Channel 171 should be up and running in a few hours. It’ll be a fine parallel to when I was waiting for the NFL Network to sign off.

Oh yeah, we’re getting Versus in HD, too. Hockey for everyone!


“Time Warner is adding two new channels to its lineup which are sure to please hockey fans.

On October 31st, customers will be able to watch the NHL Network on Channel 171 and Versus HD on Channel 771.

The NHL Network launched in the U.S. on October 1st. Fans can watch live NHL games, (subject to local blackout restrictions) highights and other league programming on the network. They’ll also be able to enjoy sporting events, including NHL Hockey, in high definition on Versus HD.”

Hockey Halloween!