Front and Centre

By Chris

When the clock strikes 7:00 every night, don’t worry about me. I may not answer my phone. I may not respond to instant messages. I may not even post in this very spot. But I’ll be all right. I didn’t fall into a ravine. I’m not stuck in a ditch somewhere without food or water. I’m not stranded on a desert island with polar bears and mystical entities.

I’ll just be parked in front of my TV watching hockey. You see, I just bought the NHL Center Ice package and last night was my first full experience with it.

The verdict: It may be the greatest purchase I have ever made. Possibly even greater than my Xbox 360 and lunch today.

Last night there were 12, count ’em 12, games on, and I watched about nine of them. When Ottawa-Atlanta went to commercial, I was able to flip around and see what else was going on around the NHL.


Rangers-Islanders, offsides.


Blackhawks-Sharks. Goal by Jonathan Toews.


Columbus-Phoenix. Who cares?


Penguins-Habs. Sidney Crosby has the puck. Whup he lost it and the Canadiens are coming back on the rush.


Back to Ottawa. Kovalchuk just willed his way to the net off of a turnover. Forced his way to the front of the net and wristed the puck over Ottawa’s rookie goalie, Brian Elliot. After watching that goal, I can see him scoring twice against the Sabres tonight, undressing Kalinin faster than a stripper at a Pacman Jones party. Kovalchuk’s good for two goals tonight. Count on it.


Back to Chicago-San Jose. Pat Kane watch. He’s not on the ice but this game could be fun to watch.


Calgary-Detroit. Zetterberg and Datsyuk look amazing.


You get the picture.

This all went on until about midnight. I watched Anaheim raise their Stanley Cup banner. I listened to their chants chant “one more year” when Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne stepped onto the ice.

I saw Danny Briere score his goal and Taylor Pyatt try to act tough and bump him afterwards.

I saw Dallas stomp over on the Kings and St. Louis take an early lead against the Predators. I witnessed Niklas Backstrom shut out an anemic Edmonton offense. I even saw Chris Gratton pretend he was a decent hockey player, scoring two goals in the Battle of Florida against the Panthers.

I watched just about every game I could last night. Except Columbus-Phoenix, because really, who cares?

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  1. RJ

    I care about that Columbus game! My new rookie fantasy goaltender got his second straight shutout…