Fire Up The Hearth

by Ryan

Mike Robitaille just called the Carolina Hurricanes “a piece of hickory.” I am downright baffled by this. Either they are really solid baseball bats, or they plan to out-bake us with delicious pecan pies.

Really, for the love of God… where is Brian Blessing? Did they kill him off?

More after the game.

UPDATE: I found him. Thank God he didn’t get maimed by one of Roby’s analogies.

Also, a disgusting 6-2 final doesn’t make me feel much like posting about hockey. Instead, here’s a video of Marshawn Lynch in “beast mode.” Let the healing begin.


  1. Soup

    you just used a bills clip to start the healing process for the sabres.

    hell has frozen over.

  2. Justin

    Woah, I made the exact same Brian Blessing comment when I was out with my friends yesterday. Good to know he’s still alive somewhere and not stuck hosting the Tops TV FunTime Bowling Challenge on Empire.