Crown ‘Em: Ryan Miller

by Ryan

Unless you fell into a ravine sometime in June, you are aware that the Sabres are currently captainless. If you actually did just get out of a ravine, we’re glad you’re safe, but the Sabres are captainless.

So, we’ve decided to go through Lindy’s options for captaincy. We will continue to make a case for players until Lindy makes it official, the logic being that if we write about everyone, we can’t be wrong.

So with Denny Green in mind, let’s “Crown ‘Em!” Today’s choice: Ryan Miller.

Reasons to Crown Ryan Miller

– Aguably the best player on the team. I could show you hundreds of his saves over the past few years, but you know what we are working with. He carried this team during the playoffs last year, and is the best shootout goaltender in the league.

– A very intense player, Miller always puts in extra time before games, and could be seen as a leader in regards to work ethic.

– He’s your man if you like that strong, silent type. I doubt he has ever talked back to teachers, coaches, or his elders.

– He moonlights as a Motivational Speaker.

– Miller is very active in the Buffalo community with his Steadfast Foundation, which would bode well for the team’s image. A captain that has strong ties to the community is less likely to bail. Er… riiight.

Reasons not to Crown Ryan Miller

NHL Rulebook: Section 2, Rule 6.1 (p5): No playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain.