Crown ‘Em: Captain by Committee

by Ryan

Unless you fell into a ravine sometime in June, you are aware that the Sabres are currently captainless. If you actually did just get out of a ravine, we’re glad you’re safe, but the Sabres are captainless.

So, we’ve decided to go through Lindy’s options for captaincy. We will continue to make a case for players until Lindy makes it official, the logic being that if we write about everyone, we can’t be wrong.

So with Denny Green in mind, let’s “Crown ‘Em!” Today’s choice: Captain by Committee.

Reasons to Crown, uh… Everyone

– Everyone has a number on the right, why not put a letter on the left?

– It lets all those goofballs that order jerseys with their own names on the back to actually be captain for a day.

– Because Little League really was the best time of our lives.

– Who really needs a committed leader? That’s what we have Sabretooth for.

– If we rotate captaincy, other team’s goons won’t know what players to headhunt.

– Obviously if you have no leadership to speak of, you can’t give just one guy the letter.

Reasons Not to Crown Everyone

– It sends a horrible, horrible message. Not having a distinct captain for the year shows a lack of commitment by the players, coaches, and ownership. No one on your roster is good enough to signify as a leader, so why not give everyone a shot?

– No, really, this is a bad idea. A poll on asked about captain by committee, and over 60% said it was a bad idea. I’m curious as to who that 40% was, and how they were able to decide which answer to give in the first place. Being that undecided on things, I’m sure it took them a good hour of two of thinking before clicking the vote button.

– October 2003. Why? Because Miroslav Satan was our captain that month. That’s why.