Captain(s?) by day…or tomorrow

From the Sabres website:

10.1.07, 4:51 p.m. :::: CAPTAIN UPDATE

Still no captain on board. But fear not, there is an end in sight.

Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff today indicated that the captain blueprint for this season would be released either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Following a morning meeting among the coaching staff, it was decided that the players will probably have a say in the matter. Basically, the team will hold a voting session with secret ballots.

How much that vote will count towards the overall decision, we don’t know. But they will be involved.

“We know we’ve got good leadership around here,” said Ruff. “We’ve had good leadership the past couple of years and I’ve really felt that leadership was everywhere. Danny [Briere] and [Chris Drury] represented strong leadership in that room and they had tremendous support from all the guys in the room.

“When a captain is named, he needs that type of support.

“There are different types of captains. If you wanted to compare Danny [Briere] and Dru … Dru was a more on-the-ice example. Not a real rah-rah guy, but a very businesslike off-ice [personality] where his on-ice spoke for itself.

“Danny was more vocal and an offensive type of leader for us.

“So there are a lot of types, but we need leadership from a lot of different areas.”

Ruff wouldn’t say whether or not the “C” would rotate and he won’t until the captain/s are named.

The good news: We should know which players will be wearing letters either today or tomorrow.

The bad news: The rotating “C” is actually being considered.