by Ryan

Cleo Lemon is the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins.

If that statement isn’t funny enough, things got downright hysterical today.

Now I know the fantasy owners who have Brown are quite upset, but any Bills fan that hates the idea of an 0-7 Dolphins team is just insane. Every year the mantra around here is that if you aren’t a playoff team, at least finish better than Miami. So far so good.

The great thing about the Dolphins being absolute garbage this year is that they have to suck on the International stage. Next week the Fins take on the Giants at the new Wembly Stadium. The way the G-Men are playing I doubt the Cam Cameron Sucktown Express have any chance next week.

Hopefully the score is something absurdly lopsided and London will forever remember the Dolphins as the suckiest team in England since Derby.

My hope is that they go the distance and fail to win a game at all this year. That way we all could celebrate just like the ’72 Dolphins. Yes, after each team finally gets that first win, we can all crack champagne bottles open and remember just how bad that ’07 team was. Could anything really top that?

You know, other than Dan Marino in those NutriSystem commercials…