Break out the Mustard

by Ryan

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle is reporting that Mike Weber will be the newest rider in our defensive carousel. Dmitri Kalinin is expected to miss 2-4 weeks with a knee sprain lack of defensive focus, and a call up seemed inevitable. Weber looks to be the guy, and judging from his prospect profile, well… eh. He’s a young kid that has potential and has played for a team called the “Spitfires.” How can you be anything but giddy about this?

Honestly, a rookie moving into an already weak defensive system is never a good thing, but what can you do? We’re hit injury troubles early, no one on this team has taken it upon themselves to back check, let alone step up and be a leader. (I’m looking at you, Jamochen Hecht)

For sanity’s sake, let’s pray Goose doesn’t have any serious ocular damage and we can get this road trip turned around. Otherwise I need to get my Mike Weber sign ready. I’m thinking something like this:

Don’t make me do it, Goose.