A win is a win is a win

By Chris

The playcalling still wasn’t great, but the offense was able to generate 19 points. The defensive scheme was well executed, even at the end when it looked like we were all bound for another last-second heartbreak. As ugly as it was, the Buffalo Bills got the job done. And at this point, that’s all you can ask for.

Trent Edwards wasn’t flashy at all. He only completed 52% of his passes, but that was all he needed. He ran an effective no-huddle offense, almost reminiscent of the K-Gun and was able to get the win, despite another late interception. Then again, a rookie quarterback only threw one interception against the Baltimore defense. That’s cause for some celebration. If Edwards isn’t out there next week, then Jauron should be fired. The guy moves the chains and allows the defense to rest. He gives the Bills the best chance to win.

Marshawn Lynch was able to churn out a very respectable 83 yards against a stout Baltimore defense and that was enough. This guy is a freaking horse. That’s the only way to effectively describe him. He will fight for every single yard he gets–and behind the Bills line, maybe that’s what’s required.

The defense continues to play well above the level they’re expected to. After all, those are 2nd and 3rd stringers out there late in the game. For them to be able to pull out a win like this is a huge confidence boost.

Sure they almost coughed up another close game, but they didn’t. Maybe they’re learning how to win. Right now, that’s enough for me.

Willis who?