A moment to reflect

By Chris

I was caught up in a mix of emotions last night. I was so proud of an undermanned Bills team fighting it out against the Goliath that is the Dallas Cowboys. Five interceptions? Two defensive touchdowns? A special teams score? AND WE LOST????

I went to bed just satisfied that it was close. I woke up this morning and my stomach felt empty. This game should not have been close. The makeshift Bills should have carried that lead and momentum all the way to the end of the game.

DiGiorgio’s pick should have sealed the deal, right? Greer’s stop on the two point conversion should have sealed the deal, right? Countless other plays could have changed the outcome of the game.

Maybe you don’t pass on 3rd and eight from the Dallas 11 with six minutes to go. Work for the field goal and stay up by two scores. Jauron and Fairchild wanted to go for the kill there, and since passing worked last week against the Jets, they tried it again. Except this time, it was an awful play call and Edwards made an even worse decision. While that play didn’t close the coffin on the Bills’ lead, they Bills never got a real chance to score again.

And what was with the offense? For what plays were being called, I thought Edwards looked good. Sure he may have shook off one two many receivers, but he made all the safe throws, kept the chains moving, and kept his defense off the field. Edwards did everything asked of him from the coaching staff, with the exception of that one throw in the red zone.

Still, they didn’t score an offensive touchdown and scored just three points on six turnovers. Looking back, that’s completely unacceptable. The play calling was terrible and only got worse as the game went on.

Dallas never should have been given the opportunity to get back in the game. The 12th Man was rocking. Everything was going right until that fourth quarter, when everything that could go wrong did.

Even after Owens completion was revered with :13 to go, the Bills still allowed Romo to throw a pass to Creighton to put them in field goal range. How do you let Creighton catch that pass ON THE SIDELINE??? He catches that ball in the middle of the field and the game is over. But, nope, bad coverage schemes led to that one, costing the team the game.

I’m not ready to fire Dick Jauron yet. But I’m close. Coaching up his players going into that game and have them go out and make a statement earlier was truly remarkable. But during the game, he stands emotionless and, it appears at times, clueless. The terrible play calling is something that’s going to haunt this team.

The team needed a win last night. The entire city needed a win. And Dick Jauron let us down.

Maybe during the Baltimore game in two weeks, Chargers fans won’t be the only ones chanting, “Marty.”


  1. Jay


    I had the exact same experience – last night I was resigned and thought “well, if they can’t win with 6 TOs, they didn’t deserve to”. Now, with apologies to Clint Eastwood, deserve ain’t got nothing to do with it. The coaching staff fell down and did not let this team win. If they had stayed out of the way and just coached with half a brain (no FG attempt from 53, no end around on 3rd and short, and Cover. The. Sideline.), they would have won, no doubt. Instead, they either got stupid (Jauron, Fairchild) or afraid (Fewell) and cost the guys who played as hard as any group of guys I have seen.

    I’m ready for Dick to go.

  2. RJ

    Oh man! I forgot about that end around! This wasn’t my post, but everything Chris mentioned and Jay commented about are those “little things” I talked about that Jauron and company screwed up. It only takes a few misteps in the most important of times to destroy all the good the players did on the field.

    I’m not ready to throw Dick under the bus just yet, but right now we are reaping the fruits of his leadership.

    I doubt anyone is satisfied.