Untitled Week Three Bills Post

by Ryan

To he quite honest, I’m terrified of this Bills team. It has the potential to be exciting, but excruciatingly mistake-filled. This defense could kill any chance for a winning team at the exact same time J.P. Losman could make “the leap” and play like he should.

Is this unfair? Well, no, it’s football. And if there is anything we have learned from sports it is that it emulates life perfectly in regards to fairness.

I wrote that exactly thirty days ago, and never before has it been more true. Tomorrow the 0-2 Bills take on their polar opposites, the 2-0 Patriots.

To say we are underdogs tomorrow is an understatement, but I will say it because there really is nothing else worth mentioning. We will lose tomorrow, and if we don’t we all shall praise Zeus above and sacrifice properly.

Sports are not fair, and when your team has been wallowing in mediocrity the last decade or so, you’re going to get smacked around by a team like the Pats. It happens, it’s just that in Buffalo it happens a lot.

Also ranking as unfair this week is the fact that this has gone unnoticed. The Bills first head coach ever passed away, and I didn’t even realize this until just now. The only reason I even came across it was because I was looking for this .

Sure it was the AFL days, and yes, he finished with a record below .500; but whether you like it or not, Garrard Ramsey is a part of Bills history. I was not alive to see Ramsey coach, but I try my best to appreciate the history our sports teams have. No matter what the record behind it is, our foundations were laid by men like Garrard Ramsey.

So for what it’s worth, I’ll be thinking about him tomorrow when Tedy Bruschi simultaneously saves a herd of baby zebras from mountain lions while sacking J.P. Losman. It’s not going to be a happy thought, but I’d rather remember where we came from then forget it all together.

We’ve been in the game far too long to forget.