The Only Difference is that Nothing Has Changed

by Ryan

Well I doubt anyone saw this coming.

For the second straight year the Buffalo Sabres will open the season sporting new uniforms. Thankfully a complete overhaul isn’t in order this time, as the team is simply making the switch to the RBK Edge design.

The official release date was supposed to be this Saturday, which coincides with the start of single game ticket sales. However, Brian Campbell was nice enough to stand awkwardly in front of a wall long enough for that picture to be taken.

Now before you get all up in arms about that jersey you bought last season, take another look at the thing. It is almost exactly the same, save for the NHL patch on the chest, and the overall design is a big more snug than before. The materials are also more water resistant, but that will do nothing to prevent you from getting nacho cheese all over it.

To be honest the change is more about player comfort than anything. Wind tunnel tests, moisture resistance, and ventilation are the most used buzzwords, and RBK has put a lot of effort into ensuring players will be happy wearing them.

And while some teams are using this as an opportunity to make some cash with logo changes and uniform overhauls, the Sabres have spared us the grief this year. Hey, wasn’t that what last year was about?

There will be no third jerseys for any team this year, which means the greatest Sabres logo of all time will be shelved for the time being. However, judging by its popularity last year, I’d look for it to make another comeback within the next few seasons.

Also, some rumors have been swirling that if/when the Sabres play in the Ice Bowl on January 1st they will break out the throwbacks as an exception to that rule. Now if only they’d get around to announcing that…