The Frozen Limelight

by Ryan

For any of you that still don’t think something special is going to happen on new years day, check the Sabres Website. I’m not a biggest fan of their web design, but that intro sure does get my blood pumping. Who knew a snow globe could get me excited for hockey?

That’s right, folks. The Winter Classic is happening. Today the Sabres announced the biggest game in Buffalo sports history, and everyone is invited. Well, as many people that can fill the Ralph.

The official press release is here, and while I am a bit disappointed they already sold advertising rights to the whole shebang, my honest reaction was: Holy God it’s actually happening.

Regardless of the price, I’m going to be there. This is the perfect storm for the NHL: a city that has become hockey crazy hosting a team with the best player in hockey. Outside. On a national scale. Sid the Kid against the Sabres is one of the most intriguing match ups in the game, and we just ripped the roof off of it.

The Heritage Classic was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget watching on TV. But that took place in Canada, and I watched on Canadian television. Say what you will about Bowl games on New Year’s Day, but I’d venture a guess that a lot of people will at least glance at NBC on January 1st to see how that outdoor hockey game turns out. That’s more than you can say for most NHL games.

Get ready, Buffalo, for the first time since the Pan-Am Expo, Buffalo is the place to be on New Year’s Day.