Roenick Thinks the New Sharks Logo is Sick

by Ryan

Roger Clemens, Michael Jordan, and many others have already made press conferences pointless with their retiring and un-retiring. Now we have Jeremy Roenick to thank for ruining text message news.

Seriously, the man announced his retirement via text message to a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer; and now he takes it back. Verizon is going to be pissed, man. Say goodbye to your free VCAST package.

A move to San Jose is great for us all, really. Unfortunately when the winds shift we will hear still him screaming about something, but just like the buzz of high tension wires we will learn to ignore it. Plus the surf scene in San Jose will provide him with an ample supply of board wax for his luscious hair.

I’m not so sure that this isn’t a desperate attempt to get 500 goals, but based on his stats last year (11 goals in 70 games), well, it certainly is a desperate attempt to get 500 goals.

Being the 5th scorer on the Coyotes is one thing, but this Sharks team is a whole other story. I doubt he will see much higher than the 3rd line, and never see a second of power play time. (This is a team with Thornton and Marleau on it, mind you.)

In any event, expect a Myspace message from Jeremy next spring when he decides to hang up the skates and assault our ears as a studio analyst. I can’t wait.