by Ryan

A few thoughts on today’s events:

Ron Mexico. When I get text messages from people telling me news, I usually ask where they heard it. When I got “Mike Vick tested positive for pot” today, I didn’t think twice. These are the things that happen when you are convicted of dogfighting. (Is anyone else waiting for the next Mike Vick episode at KSK?

–I drafted for my fantasy hockey league tonight. I’m okay with my picks, especially that I drafted Chris Drury pretty late. I figure now when he scores I won’t openly weep.

–The Sabres killed the Leafs tonight, keeping that preseason tradition alive. I know it means nothing, but it’s good to hear Roy and Vanek still know how to light the lamp after their off season windfall. Has anyone noticed the tan on Roy? He looks like he spent a month in Cabo or something…

–Matthew Barnaby did color with RJ tonight. He started slow and stumbled a bit, but he was much more comfortable than I expected. His catch phrase seems to be “he made no mistake” when speaking of a goal scorer. I’m not sure how I feel about that, although it still beats Darren Pang’s “HOLY JUMPIN!” Actually, just about anything beats that.

–Why do I even bother going to espn.com anymore? Seriously. I haven’t stopped dry heaving. Does anyone know when that will fade?