Put StubHub On Notice

by Ryan

While many prepare for the NFL Season to start tonight, others have already turned their attention to hockey. Next week Sabres mini camp opens up, and rumor has it the team will also unviel their new uniform style on September 15th. While that may not be a drastic change, any hockey news is good news to me. It’s been a long summer.

Also in the news are Preseason ticket sales, which acutally started on Tuesday morning.

The team has doubled their home preseason games this year (2), so that should give more people an opportunity to check the new team out. Hopefully Adam Mair will repeat as the Sabres’ preseason scoring champ.

Tickets range from $15-40 for adults, with some discount for children that frankly I’m too lazy to figure out. Oh, 50% off with purchase of an adult ticket. Whatever.

I like the discounted tickets for preseason games because they rarely have any entertainment value. Backup goaltenders, farmed out 9th defensemen, and “The Wave” are common themes in most exibitions. Most of the time the stars sit out. Last year Buffalo’s only preseason home game was against Pittsburgh. The only time I saw Sid the Kid was when I looked up into the press box. (Look for the same thing to happen this year, as our Pens game is the second of a home and home.)

Making both preseason games unofficial “Kids Day” celebrations will certianly keep me away from the exhibitions, but it is good for the game. Many of the little people will be attending their first live hockey game. Anyone that has seen live hockey game can tell you there is a big difference between it and TV hockey. It just may be enough to keep them interested once hockey isn’t the “it” thing to do around here.

I personally think they should give out some skates and encourage youth hockey at every possible opportunity. Great Skate should get a jump on this and raffle off some junior Synergys or something.

Hey, if McDonalds is allowed to cram Happy Meals down our kids’ throats, why can’t we do the same with hockey? Why let our kids get all metro’ed up by youth soccer? Hockey builds character, looks cooler, and doesn’t force them to wear short shorts that expose their inadaquate calf muscles. That’s traumatic stuff for little kids.

Besides, with the full cages youth hockey uses, you’ll never have to worry about dental work. Ronaldinho can’t make you the same promise.