Out of Sight…

by Ryan

Say what you will about the lack of talent on the team, but you know injuries have hit hard when you can’t even keep memorials intact.

My initial reaction to this was outrage, but I guess once you look at it in context it’s not so bad. Yes, Dick Jauron broke a promise, but he’s no Nick Saban. He didn’t even know it had happened until we signed another scrub and made some other roster moves.

I guess if you are juggling that many players and injuries, moving a locker isn’t that big of a deal. Still, it wasn’t just a locker to many. Kevin Everett is in Houston starting rehab, and moving his locker takes any shred of his presence on the Bills.

Will it make a difference? Probably not. This team needs more than good karma to win games, and while keeping a reminder of Everett around is noble, seven Bills on IR does push the capacity at One Bills Drive. It also makes us a 3-13 team.

So it goes…