No Scores, But Medical Updates All Around

by Ryan

In two days the Bills will be slaughtered in Foxborough. Tomorrow the Sabres will play a meaningless game against the Blue Jackets. Of course we will be talking about this at some other time, and hopefully in the case of the Pats game, we won’t be crying about it. However, today some important developments happened with both hometown teams.

First of all, Kevin Everett has been improving over the past few days. Tomorrow morning he will be transported to a Houston hospital, and doctors are optimistic he will walk very soon.

Obviously this is great news, and his progress has been nothing short of amazing. To think less than two weeks ago it was very realistic that he could die, and now within that same time frame he will start rehabilitation to walk. Arguably, that’s the best Bills news all season.

Last week training camp opened for the Buffalo Sabres, and the shocking news was that Teppo Numminen had been suspended for not being physically prepared to play. His long history of heart problems is well known around the league, but it was announced that he would need open heart surgery to ever play again.

Today he had that surgery, and according to reports all went well. Teppo is expected to come back around December, which leaves us with six seasoned defensemen on the opening day roster.

Learning the things we have about our defense over the summer, I feel better about our situation in front of Miller. Kalinin wasn’t 100 percent with his sports hernia, and Teppo was obviously not right all season. Adding in the growth of Nathan Paetsch as a top six D and I suddenly have an optimistic view on the point. Besides, if things go bad we always have Drew Schiestel in reserve…