by Ryan

In all the time we’ve had this blog, I’ve never run out of things to write.

Really, I’ve written about Halloween decorations, chicken wings, and quite frankly, nothing; yet somehow “Jets at Bills” is drawing a blank.

It’s not that I’m uninterested, but honestly, what else is there to say? We all know what the Bills are about, and it is anything but exciting as of yet. Injuries have been ridiculous, both sides of the ball are anemic, and the record reflects that.

Does this mean I won’t watch tomorrow? Of course I will, I’m self deprecating like that. But I guess because I have nothing to say it will be a quiet three hours. Call it a vigil or sorts. After tomorrow’s game we are at the quarter pole, and although that means there is a long way to go, four games tell you a lot about how your season is going to wind up. So far… not so good.

Something that does have me excited is this Friday, which is Opening Night for the Sabres. I’m personally declaring the upcoming week “Islanders Week.” This means that my mind will be completely flooded with hockey and I will be posting about nothing but. I promise it will be somewhat coherent, enjoyable, and will include plenty of Miroslav Satan.

A preview below:

Obviously he is just as excited about this as I am.