Madden got it wrong

By Chris

After watching the Colts-Saints game tonight, I’ve really got to question John Madden’s credibility. There is no way Peyton Manning was Indy’s best player on the field. Sure it looked like it he was playing Madden 08 out there, but there’s no way his face should have been slapped on Madden’s bus. I present to you,
And the honor belongs to this guy: Saints cornerback Jason David. David got burned for three of the Colts’ scores, putting him under a cloud Tim Donaghy-esque suspicion. Actually that’s a little extreme. But the fact remains that he was really the best player for the Colts tonight, earning him the Roost’s Real Horse Trailer Player of the Game award for Week One.

Congrats, #42. Your Yahoo! Picture Gallery really is one for the ages.