Madden Got It Wrong: Week 2

By Chris

We all know Madden has his Horse Trailer, where he honors the player who he thinks had the best game by slapping their silly grin on the side of it. Here at the Roost, we present to you, the Real Horse Trailer Player of the Game for Week Two of the NFL Season. And this week, the award goes to….

That’s right, Week One starter turned Seneca “Niagara Casino” Wallace’s backup, Charlie Frye.

Not only did Frye lose his job in Cleveland and find himself exiled halfway across the country to be the backup to Matt Hasselbeck’s backup, but the guy who replaced him? You know, Derek Anderson? Judging from those photos of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow below, I’d say Anderson had himself a pretty nice debut. How nice? Try 328 yards and 5 touchdowns nice in a 51-45 shootout to upset the rival Bengals.

Yes, it’s good to be Derek Anderson today. Being Charlie Frye? Not so much…