Land of the Lost

By Chris

It’s only Week Two but you can already feel it. The season is over.

“How this Bills team reacts will be key.” That’s what the Roost’s own Ryan wrote this morning in our Pregame Post. We found out how they reacted this afternoon and the Buffalo Bills have given us reason to believe that football is on the back burner.

The offense was struggling, the defense couldn’t stop anyone–especially on third down plays–and the thought of Kevin Everett lying in a hospital bed couldn’t have been in the back of the team’s mind. It was right there in front of everything.

Lee Evans’ tirade in the fourth quarter was the tip of the iceberg. Maybe there was pass interference on that play, but that’s irrelevant. To overreact over that play, and to do it after already taking an unsportsmanlike penalty for spiking the ball is just uncalled for. Evans is supposed to be a team captain and lead by example. His meltdown was symbolic of the entire team. All of this regardless of the fact that “Getting into the face of the official” is a real penalty.

J.P. Losman threw offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild under the bus in his postgame press conference. He said play calling was the reason for the poor performances. He has a point. His longest throw of the year came today on a 22 yard toss to Peerless Price. But watching Losman’s game, it’s not Fairchild’s fault that he waits to long to make a read and decide what he’s going to do. It’s not Fairchild’s fault that Losman is overthrowing his receivers. It would be nice to see Losman take at least some of the blame for his poor performance. Unfortunately he just wants to pass the buck.

This team was unfocused and undisciplined, especially late in the game. They played awful and imploded. Too many distractions have hurt this team and the sting of this loss isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Sometimes it seemed that the only players who cared were Marshawn Lynch, who runs hard on every play (something we haven’t seen a Bills running back do in a long while) and Jabari Greer, who’s out to show Dick Jauron and company why he deserves to start (even though he probably should have been starting all along).

A team with lost focus. A team with players lost to injuries. A team that will lose to everyone but themselves. In Buffalo, we’re living in the land of the lost…for another 15 weeks, at least.