God Bless the Sabres Store

by Ryan

Today I ventured down to HSBC Arena to watch the Sabres first on ice practice. Before I get to that, I thought I’d take a stroll into the Sabres Store to see what was on clearance. When I got there, however, what was brand new was much more interesting.

Ignore the pajama pants on him, it’s the jersey that matters. Like the display says, that’s the brand new RBK Edge Sabres jersey. The official release wasn’t supposed to be for another day, but after the Buffalo News leak, why not put them on sale today?

For anyone who is curious, the uniform is pretty much the same as last years. There was some question about the numbers on the right shoulder, but they are coming back this year as well.(see below)

A bit close to the NHL Logo in front, but it could just be a bad angle. Besides, they still have time to get it right.

Looking around a bit, I noticed this rack. As it turns out, all of those are the other EDGE designs around the league, including some jerseys that haven’t been officially released yet. You can see both the home and away San Jose jerseys next to the Sabres ones on the far right.

The Edmonton jersey, seen above. Didn’t stray too far from the point, and managed to keep the Canadian and Alberta flags off. These pictures were taken by a camera phone, so the color quality is a bit off.

Yeah, looks like that is the Stars’ away jersey after all. They really, really want everyone to know where their home barn is. You would think they’ve done enough distancing from their North Stars days…
Some pictures of the actual practice to come, as well as some cool pictures of a jumbotron-less HSBC Arena.

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  1. twoeightnine

    I’m pretty sure that the Dallas away jersey was designed in Microsoft Word.