Eight Divisions in Eight Days: NFC East

By Chris

The Roost’s NFL Football Preview begins today and I know how much you all have been waiting for this one. Each day, I’ll tackle each of the eight divisions and give what insight I think I have into each team’s upcoming season. Today I’ll be taking a look at the NFC East.

1. Philadelphia Eagles
Well someone has to win this division, so it might as well be the Iggles. This of course, is contingent on the health of Donovan McNabb. They’ve got a real good offense and a stingy and consistent defense. Sure they’ve gotten rid of Dahani Jones and Jeremiah Trotter, but they’ve still got Brian Dawkins, one of the league’s best safeties and Lito Sheppherd, who isn’t half bad. What it comes down to is that someone has to win this division and the Eagles, when healthy, seem to be best equipped to do so.

2. Dallas Cowboys
I was going to pick the Cowboys to win the East. I really was. But then I remembered who their coach is. Our old friend Wade Phillips was too good to wear a headset when he coached the Bills, and while I think the ‘Boys offense is going to put up some sick numbers, I have a feeling that they’re going to be losing a helluva lot of close games. Phillips is not a good head coach. He botched the entire Doug Flutie/Rob Johnson situation and split an entire fanbase here in Buffalo because of that controversy. Flutie Magic or not, if I was a Cowboys fan, I just wouldn’t trust this guy running my team. Yeah, he’s a really good coordinator; he got the most out of his players in San Diego, but he’s going to be making all of the crucial decisions and I can guarantee that he’ll be wrong more often than he’ll be right. So look for them losing some tight games in the fourth quarter and those losses ultimately costing them a Wild Card berth.

3. Washington Redskins
Jason Campbell is the starting quarterback. The defense underachieved last year, but it won’t be good enough to compensate for an inexperienced quarterback. The Portis-Betts combo, which they’ll have to rely on because of a potentially shaky passing game, won’t last long. And as I look into the crystal ball, I see some very amusing press conferences from Portis taking thinly veiled shots at Joe Gibbs and Al Saunders for making him share the ball. He wants to be the featured back but with the emergence of Betts, he might lose a lot of carries, especially those going across the goal line. Combine that controversy with a not-so-talented team, and you’re looking at a 6 win season.

4. New York Giants
Couple a flaky starting quarterback with a running back that can’t hang onto the football and you’re looking at a team in trouble. The defense is nothing special and neither is the offense really when you look at it. The players don’t like their coach and it won’t be very long before they quit on him and we have to listen to a Coughlin meltdown. And then it will be all over SportsCenter and then we can all listen to Tiki Barber tell us all he was right. Who says the offseason is too long?